From 20th to 29th November 2016 the Associate professor of High-temperature materials and Powder metallurgy department of Faculty of Physical Engineering I. Bogomol in frame of international mobility Erasmus + KA1 program was on training at KU Leuven, Belgium. During the training he had the lectures “Basics of Powder Metallurgy” and “Directionally Solidified Ceramic Eutectics” for the students of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. The meeting with main MMATENG project coordinator Peter Arras was also carried out.

IMG 335719-20 October 2016 in Lviv (Ukraine) was a regular conference on international education project TEMPUS IMG 3374MMATENG (Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process) by Tempus program № 543994-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPCR. The conference was attended by members of the project consortium from Ukraine, Israel, Belgium, Poland, Germany and France. From NTUU "KPI" the participants were Dean of Faculty of Physical Engineering P. Loboda and project coordinator I. Bogomol. The program of the conference included workshops and presentations of consortium members at Lviv Polytechnic National University, and the Master Classes of Ukrainian and European Lecturers. They also discussed the plans for final report preparing.

On May 29, 2016 Project Coordinator of TEMPUS MMATENG project in NTUU "KPI" I. Bogomol took part in the traditional "24th Running under Chestnuts", dedicated to the Day of Kyiv. Pleasant business coincided with useful meetings on the project.

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During 19-20 May 2016 in Mariupol in "Priazovskiy State Technical University," International scientific-methodical conference "MODERN

From working group of «MMATENG» project in NTU "KPI" Professor SM Chernega participated

On April 25-26, 2016 on Physical Engineering Faculty of NTU "KPI" held trainings in frame of Tempus MMATENG project. Trainings were conducted by professors from European and Ukrainian Universities: Elena Eyngorn (Technical University of Berlin), Jean-Bernard Vogt (University of Lille), Kinga Korniejenko, Janusz Mikula and Stanisław Kuciel (Cracow University of Technology), Peter Arras (Katholic University of Leuven) and Oleksandr Cheyliakh (Pryazovskyi State Technical University). Also as part of the trainings held a webinar "CES- Materials Selection". with Claes Frederiksson and Tatiana Vakhitova (CES-Grantadesign).

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