2-5 November 2014 in Tel Aviv (Israel) was a regular conference on international education project TEMPUS MMATENG (Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process) by Tempus program № 543994-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPCR. The conference was attended by members of the project consortium from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Belgium, Germany and France. From NTU "KPI" were Dean of Physical Engineering Faculty P. Loboda and project coordinator I. Bogomol. The program of the
conference included workshops and presentations of consortium members at the Technical University of Tel Aviv, and a visit to the Jerusalem College of Engineering.
They also discussed the plans of the project for next year.

To participate in the national info days on the European Union Erasmus+ Program the students, graduate students, doctoral students and lecturers of Physical Engineering Faculty and other faculties of NTUU "KPI" are invited. Events will take place on November 4 and 5, 2014 in Kyiv. The event was organized by the National Erasmus+ office in Ukraine in close cooperation with the EU Delegation in Ukraine, supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and EU Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture with the organizational support of the National University of Food Technologies.
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02/09/2014 p. was the first in new academic year meeting of the working group of the TEMPUS MMATENG project. On meeting the review of the European Commission on monitoring of the project, which took place on June 13, 2014, and the situation with developing of new courses are discussed. It was also decided to change the time of the working group
meetings on Wednesday 16-00.

In the framework of international TEMPUS MMATENG projects «Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process" on July 21, 2014 there was a presentation of the project in Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany). TEMPUS MMATENG project was presented by coordinator from NTUU “KPI” I. Bogomol. The presentation was attended by teachers, researchers and PhD students of Institute of Materials and Joining Technology (in OVGU). German colleagues interested in the project and the new courses to be developed, especially in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

In the framework of international projects under the program TEMPUS «Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process» 543994-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS -JPCR (MATTENG), which participates in Physical Engineering Faculty of NTUU "KPI", 13 June 2014 there was monitoring of the project by the National Tempus Office in Ukraine. During monitoring meetings monitoring mission and members of the consortium with the First Vice-Rector of NTUU "KPI" Y. Yakymenko, Vice-Rector for International Relations, S.I. Sidorenko, administration, students, alumni of Physical Engineering Faculty of NTUU "KPI" and business employers were held. Arrangements for monitoring held in 155 room of the Main Building and in building № 9 of NTUU "KPI". The monitoring are visited by Main project coordinator Peter Arras (Belgium), Regional Project Coordinator Cheylyah A.P. (Azov State Technical University (Mariupol), and representatives of higher education institutions - members of the project consortium in Ukraine: National University "Lvivska Polytechnica" and Lutsk National Technical University.More information about the project at: http://mmateng.eu/, http://tempus.iff.kpi.ua/